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Sacred Geometry | Built Using Custom Made Tool | Unity 3D

This was created using the Fibonacci Tool, developed by software engineer Eric Matsuno.

We will be using this tool to create interesting art and animations. This tool will be available for the public to use soon. We take Unity Game Development to the next level.


Kawaii Puzzle Match - Jigsaw Quest


Zen Block Match 3

Zen Block Match 3

Binaural Beat Maker

Binaural Beat Maker App
sacred geometry app

Sacred Geometry Meditation

Kawaii Christmas Puzzles

Kawaii Christmas Puzzles

Polycarbon Games is a gaming/media creative collective with a focus on music and game design. We aim to give our audience a multitude of experiences, with each of our games featuring relaxing and immersive sounds, rich and rewarding game play, original stories, and challenges for all ages. We have many projects in the pipeline, from games like “Zenball” and "Tech Hop" to our exciting VR/AR experiences. To find out more scroll down to try our products. What is Unity 3D? It is a game engine design to be user friendly for game development.

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