If you see a screen without buttons,  click the screen to enter edit mode.  You should see a bottom row of buttons: Row Controller, Add/Delete Row, and Thicker/Thinner.

Row Controller

The Row Controller, (the one in the middle with the small buttons) gives you access to the following parameters:

  • Shape: A choice of shapes that include squares, triangles, lines, etc.

  • Quantity: The number of elements in each circle of elements

  • Width: The width of the shape

  • Height: The height of the shape

  • Rotation: The Rotation of the shape

  • Radius: The Radius or the distance the elements are from the center

  • Orbit: The Rotation of the circle of shapes

  • Color: The Color of the shapes

Add/Delete Row
The Add Delete Row buttons give you more or fewer rows.

  • Add: Copies last Row

  • Delete: Deletes the last Row

The Thicker and Thinner buttons make the lines thicker or thinner.

  • Thicker: Makes the lines thicker

  • Thinner: Makes the lines thinner


Zoom moves the camera back and forth.


  • Scroll Wheel: Zooms the camera