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Apple AR/VR Leaked

Apple new devices will be ideal for AR/VR game design.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are an ever evolving form of media and technology. Our video games and media are slowly being introduced to the world of VR and AR. Did you know that the good folks at Apple could be introducing an AR and VR controller and testing software for iOS 14? If not, keep reading this to find out more.

Apple is coming out with controller close to the HTC VIVE design.

According to leaked code rom an iOS 14 pre release, Apple is testing it’s long rumored augmented reality glasses or virtual reality headsets. A geo-located bowling game, which is triggered near their Apple office in Sunnyvale, California, is being tested with a crosswalk as a bowling lane with an HTC-like headset. Apple has worked with HTC in the past with VR compatibility in macOS Mojave, so it makes sense that they would continue their relationship and even take it to the next level.

Currently you can only use AR with handheld devices, phones and tablets. Thanks to the iPad Pro & LiDAR, people are getting the impression that Apple want in the AR/VR game. With everything that’s happening with the global pandemic, development on the AR/VR device may have slowed down or postponed for sometime, but it seems from the leaks that 2021 looks like that could be the launch date for their new device.


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