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Our New Binaural Beat Maker App! Learn More Here

Polycarbon’s brain wave technology’s Bilateral Beat Meditation generates tones for bilateral stimulation.

What can bilateral stimulation do for me?

Bilateral stimulation engages both hemispheres of your brain to help provide a balanced mental state helping the user in the following ways:

Bilateral Beat : The Bilateral Beat Meditation app generates waves known as Bilateral Beat. Listen carefully and you can hear the frequency “beat” providing a brain wave that is known as a Bilateral Beat.

Brain Wave Technology : The Bilateral Beat Maker makes it easy to select and adjust Bilateral Beat Meditation’s brain wave frequencies for optimal results:

• Delta - Pain relief, Healing

• Theta - Relaxation, Inner peace, Creativity

• Alpha - Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving, Stimulates energy & Action

• Gamma - Cognitive enhancement, Memory recall

With the clearly labeled Bilateral Beat benefits along with an easy to play piano-keyboard. The Bilateral Beat Maker offers a simple, no-nonsense, pure sine-wave Bilateral Beat. You can learn more about our app here.


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