Learn: 3D Clone maker toolkit

With The 3D Clone Maker Tool Kit You can make visualization FX's of all kinds.


Opening the 3D Clone Maker Toolkit

In this video, we open the sample scene that comes with the 3D Clone Maker Toolkit and we inspect the elements and features that come with the Unity Asset Store Package.

Create spiral patterns with the Radial Maker

In this video, we inspect the Radial maker and learn how to clone elements into flowers and other radial

Create a Bloom Effect with the Morph Modifier

The Morph modifier allows you to configure and animate up to thousands of objects for animation effects and dozens of other cool features.

Grid Maker

This is an example of how using the 3D Maker Toolkit(c) will give the raw power of manipulating thousands of objects with interesting delay patterns using the Grid Maker in conjunction with the Morph Modifier.

Create flowers using the Radial Maker

In this video, we show how to use the golden ratio: 1.61803399 to create flowers and the myriad of spirals that emanate from the ratio

Create a wave effect with 2500 objects, the Morph Modifier and the Grid Maker

This example shows how the 3D Maker Toolkit(c) can easily animate hundreds of objects in a wave pattern with the Grid Maker and the Morph Modifier.

Create spirals, swirls and tops with Rotation Effects

In this video, we introduce 3D Makertool's rotation effects.  It does much more than simply rotate! It can rotate thousands of objects in thousands of rows in multiple patterns creating spirals, swirls, and chaos that looks amazing!

Create an entire city with a single element using the Randomizer

A powerful modifier allowing randomization to occur on upon thousands of objects creating excellent environmental effects without having to use resources and valuable time.

Save Space with Maker Utilities

In this video, we show how Maker Utilities can take a virtual haunted cemetery, with dozens of gravestones, crypts, pumpkins, pumpkins, and broken bones meant to scare your average user and reduce it to a shippable scene with a very small memory footprint.

Check out our examples built with 3d maker tool

The 3D Maker Tool is our tool we developed for artist and for visual effects and visualization for Unity 3D. This can also be used as a visualization tool for music videos, film and AR/VR effects. Our tool uses the Fibonacci sequence to generate the the patterns. You see in some of our examples above. Our tool also makes it easy to clone shapes and game objects of all kinds in almost any form. This is useful for creating large cities saving your hours. As we mention before this tool can also be used to make music video visuals for your music video. Unity 3D is the premier game engine for software developers. You can create games, art and even movies with Unity 3D. Our tool aims to make the process easy for technical artist as well as game designers.