A Little About Us

Lead Designer/Founder

Marcus Williams

The stories that video games tell intertwine with the game play like a grand orchestra. Marcus  conduct this orchestras with his design skills. Marcus have been designing board games since he was a child. His first game was his own version of Pac-man that he played with friends on rainy days. Ever since then, he as have made games my hobby. Marcus had designed other board games with friends that his friends and family play very often. Marcus has designed levels in the Unreal Engine as a hobby. With his graphic design skills, he is able to help out in many fields and wear multiple hats. Marcus has expert knowledge in  Photoshop spanning over 12 years. Marcus have done many custom mods in Unity 3D for  projects around the world as well as the Unreal Engine. Starting off as a graphic designer Marcus has worked in the mobile gaming and design industry for 8 years. Marcus has done work at 2K Games as a graphic designer, Kiwi Games as 3D artist. 

Lead Game Designer/Founder

Steven tang

Lead Game designer/UX designer.


CFO Lead Engineer/Founder

Eric Matsuno

Eric Matsuno has led and contributed to several notable projects including: Standard Definition of the C programming language and Posix operating systems; programming toolkits for multi-processing game platforms and game development tools; and developing the technology behind the first profitable site on the web (now known as Travelocity.com). One of the highlights of Eric's career was partnering with computer science icon Douglas Engelbart to develop touch-based interface software for augmentation. Eric is also a certified scrum master, and has spent the last 3 years mastering the craft of game development using Unity and C#.

Content Writer

Joshua Lowe