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Unity 3D Post Processing | Synthwave Game Art

Updated: 4 days ago

Today we worked on some more Synth Ball graphics. We are going with a simple modular approach with mostly abstract shapes, buildings and other sci-fi objects. We looked it sci-fi art from the 70's and 80's for inspiration. What you are looking at is the first level. For this level we used the Post Processing script. The overrides we are using are the following

  • Ambient Occlusion

  • Auto Exposure

  • Bloom

  • Color Grading

Below you can see some of the settings I have in this scene

I also used the unity fog settings. We may experiment with Volumetric fog later, but for now we are using the Exponential Squared fog settings.

As far as the skybox we are using the Skybox Pack 8k UHD. We will optimize this for mobile later on. But the Skybox pack we got really brings everything together in our scene. Stay tuned for more progress.