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Using Unity 3D to Develop VR Games

games for VR Virtual reality Unity 3d

Apple VR will normalize virtual reality just like the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Are you ready to be a game developer for their new platform?

We all have fond memories of watching our favorite Sci-Fi TV shows or movies that depicted Virtual Realty in a way that sent our brains into overdrive as we dreamed of being able to actually step into the world of our favorite games and interact with the world around us. As the years went on and our technology grew along with us, games began to look more and more realistic, and our way of interacting with them evolved as well. Virtual Reality was soon born into reality and we were finally able to live out our wildest dreams. Creating our own VR world was thought to be only available to the game dev studios and their large budgets, but it is becoming more of a thing for anyone with a computer and the Unity3D engine to craft their own VR landscapes.

These days, it isn’t just the gaming industry that’s discovering the benefits of bringing immersive tech into their operations. Now with apple AR VR headset just around the corner we are sure you are ready to start developing with apple new virtual reality device. Unity 3D will be a dominate tool for AR/VR development.

Below are a few links to get you started with Unity 3D

1 Download the VR kit here

The VR Interaction Framework makes it easy to create your own interactive objects and be productive quickly. This framework will give you the foundation you need to create polished VR experiences.

VRIF supports all Unity compatible VR Headsets such as the Oculus Quest, Quest 2, Rift-S, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality (WMR), and Pico Headsets. Full support for the Unity Input System, XRInput, and OpenXR. Some devices may require a corresponding SDK for input to work, such as SteamVR.

Develop VR games for VR Virtual reality Unity 3d

VR kit 2 FPS

The VR FPS System is a comprehensive toolkit for Unity 3D that enables developers to create immersive first-person shooter (FPS) games for virtual reality (VR) platforms. With this toolkit, developers can easily add VR-specific features such as hand presence, locomotion, and VR interactions to their games. The VR FPS System includes a range of customizable features, including weapon systems, character controllers, and enemy AI systems, all designed to help developers create engaging and challenging FPS experiences. The toolkit is built with optimization in mind, ensuring that developers can create high-performance VR games that run smoothly on a range of devices. With the VR FPS System, developers can quickly and easily create professional-quality VR FPS games without the need for extensive coding or development experience

Develop VR games for VR Virtual reality Unity 3d

In the last couple of years, countless leading brands have jumped onto the VR bus to collaborate, to train new workers, and various product development practices. Because of this, platforms have started emerging to bring innovators new ways to create their own VR worlds with Unity being among the better-known solutions for 3D, immersive content. Unity has an abundance of innovative tools for VR development, such as:

Unity 3D VR

Universal Render Pipeline: The URP allows creators to express their vision while keeping a high level of extensibility and customization options for its users.

XR Interaction Toolkit: This toolkit from Unity is a component-based, high-level interaction system for AR and VR crafting. It gives users a building blueprint for UI and 3D interactions from multi-platform XR controller inputs, input events, visual feedback, haptics, and lots more.

Visual scripting: With this tool in Unity, devs can access scripting logic with drag-and-drop visual graphs rather than manually writing in the code. It also supports efficient collaboration between designers, programmers, and artists for rapid iteration and prototyping in the VR world.

Unity Asset Store: The Unity Asset store is the one stop shop for all your Unity development needs, AR & VR included. It helps developers save time and money by offering access to pre-made assets from other Unity creators. This can help to minimize sub-contracting needs for companies and push forward the development processes.

Unity also works with developers in the VR space, giving out access to engineers and specialists to new up-and-coming services, products, and solutions. Unity is one of the most accessible and user friendly tools for new developers in the world of VR for many reasons. It offers exceptional platform support for the most commonly utilized tools in XR, including Meta Quest, SteamVR, and Playstation VR. Unity’s URP system allows for 90hz of smooth graphic production, and the vendor’s real-time development platform can easily suit the needs of anything you can conjure.

Before you get started using Unity to create your grand VR world, you’ll want to do these 3 things:

Unity 3D VR

Get to know the Unity platform: The Unity Learn ecosystem gives users a range of resources to teach users how to leverage features available for VR development. You can also access the community forums and social groups available for a little extra help.

Choose supported platforms: Unity software work on a plethora of supported platforms, including Meta Quest landscape. Unity devs also can create content for headsets that support OpenXR technology.

Configure projects for XR: Unity offers easy to understand instructions on how to configure projects for XR capabilities. Users need to have the right plugins installed for the type of software to create and leverage the Universal Render Pipeline.

Developers can also choose from a variety of software packages suited to VR development. For example, Unity Pro supports high-quality content development at high speeds, with priority in customer service, multi-platform publishing, and success advisors. You can also get your hands on a dedicated Unity Gaming Services package for developers that are interested in creating for the entertainment landscape.

Is Unity right for you? Well find out by downloading Unity and a few assets from the assets store and try it for yourself! One day we hope that Unity 3D can be something fun to teach in grade school and even senior centers. Creativity knows no bounds.

Do you have a really awesome project to show off? Join our discord, we hold contest for the best game design and art.

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