Top 5 NFT Games

When non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were introduced between 2012 and 2013, they showed that they

have the potential of changing the world of video games. The NFT emergence promises an exciting order where players can take up more critical roles in the gaming economy and receive some exclusive and amazing rewards in the process. Many game developers are adopting blockchain technology to give

their games more of an immersive experience for their players.

NFT games combine your standard format gaming designs with your not so standard format game

mechanisms to let the players have more control over the assets you earn in-game such as skins,

characters, weapons, virtual lands and so much more. This is done by launching games on blockchains

and placing them with digital asset-powered economies. This NFT token standards adoption also allows

developers to preserve the rarity of some of these items earned in-game. This is why some blockchain

game assets are more expensive, while others are on the cheaper side of things.

In this Polycarbon Games article, we will be giving you an 5 of the top NFT Games for you to try

yourself, or if you know of these games, you can share this with a friend form them to check out.


This game is a voxel-based gaming metaverse and one heavily active NFT gaming platform, where it’s

players can build and trade all kinds of virtual assets.

Think of it as being similar to other popular games like Minecraft and Roblox. The SANDBOX 3D offers the tools to make and animate various objects and custom games then sell them on marketplaces to other players. The type of token used in this metaverse game is SAND, an ERC-20 token. With this, players can purchase items on the platform’s marketplace. LAND is another form of NFT token used in The SANDBOX 3D, and are by far some ofthe most valuable assets in the game.


Battle Racers is a game inspired by kart racing titles like Super Mario Kart, F-Zero, and Jak-X Combat

Racing. In this game you combine different weapons and parts to create the most powerful cars that will

give them an advantage on the arcade-sized tracks. much like F-Zero GX on the Nintendo GameCube.

You can also register your prized creations on the blockchain as NFTs and sell them for crypto on

OpenSea. This game is currency playable on Decentraland, which is a blockchain-based VR world.


If you like soccer, then this is something you’ll want to jump into. Sorare is a fantasy football game with

collectible and tradeable soccer players from real life. It’s as simple as your standard issue fantasy

football league, You create a five-player team using a combination of free cards for beginner players and

purchased cards. You earn points for every game you win, every goal you score, and every event you



Alien Worlds is an NFT Defi metaverse economic simulator where players compete with one another in

type of bidding wars to bid on and explore other planets. This is done by getting the players to compete

for Trilium (TLM), which is needed to control competing DAO, aka Decentralised Autonomous

Organizations, and to gain access to additional gameplay.

The players acquire NFTs to mine TLM, Ttake

part in battles and complete quests. Also, players have the option to engage in governance by electing the Councilors of six Planet DAOs, and thereby influencing the game direction.


This game is a tradeable NFT card game similar to Magic The Gathering or Hearthstone, on Ethereum.

Players build decks with different strengths and abilities to combat other players one on one. As you

rack up the wins, you find in-game items to use to strengthen your decks or sell to other players. If some

of those wins are Ranked, you can earn Flux that lets you craft powerful NFT cards.