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25,000 Playtest Simulations In 4 Hours | Unity 3D Game Testing Services

Take your playtesting to the max with Unity 3D's Automated Play testing!

When creating and testing games, there is always a large area of bugs and glitches to work out of the

final product. One testing session is never enough, multiple tests are required to ensure that many of

the problems don’t make it to the release of the game.

Low-coverage testing with high frequency and high-coverage testing with low frequency were the only ways for developers to test their games. The Unity Game Simulation was created to help game devs test with the coverage of playtests and the frequency of the unit tests, while enabling them to run automated playtests in the cloud.

iLLOGIKA's Rogue Racer tested 25,000 playtest simulations in about four hours. That was about 1,125 hours of playthrough hours. That equaled about of 46 days of play testing cutting the testing time by half the time.

A Virtual Player emulates the input of an actual player to test the many aspect of your game. Think of it

as having your own artificial intelligence testing your game for you. To validate that your game can run

for an hour without triggering an exception, a Virtual Player can be as simple as a C# script with a bit of

lines of code that launch a scene and performs random actions.

For something more complex, like verifying the weapons are roughly equal in strength or that each level can be completed, a Virtual Player can be made with the same methods used to create non-player characters (NPCs).

Playtesting can be a very daunting task, but with the Unity Game Simulation your playtest sessions can

be more of an enjoyable experience for you and your team.

Indie studio Furyion Games saved about $80,000 and hundreds of man hours testing an equivalent of millions of playtest. If you want more details about Unity's automated testing services, check out the links.


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