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Get More Downloads With Fiverr For Apps/Games

Suppose you have a new product or service that you want to sell in the market. You have done everything you can to make sure it’s unique, easy to use and matches the current market trends. However, in an online market there are millions of people who are selling their products and services with this exact same idea in mind. In such a competitive market, you will have to use every trick present in the book to make your brand stand out. You might need to run ads, offer discounts, sell coupons or even hand out flyers if needed. Everything counts when you need to expose your brand to the targeted audience.


Increasing your brand's online exposure should be on the top of your list. Nowadays, 80% of brand marketing is done online through digital ads, reach-outs, sponsored posts, video ads, social media, website designing etc. This method of online advertisement is called Digital Marketing, and it is one of the most important aspects of brand marketing.

In the current age, where everything is accessible via internet, traditional marketing ways have lost their effect. Now, attracting an audience online is way more important than attracting them to your actual physical business. With the increase in popularity of internet, the way people shop and buy has really changed – meaning offline marketing techniques are not really as effective anymore. Simply speaking, the purpose of marketing has always been connecting with your audience. This means you need to meet them where they are already spending most of their time: on the internet.

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Digital Marketing and Why it is Needed:

So, what exactly is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is kind of marketing that uses the internet and other online based digital technologies to promote your products and services. It encompasses all marketing efforts that involve electric device or the internet. Why is it so important? Well, although there are traditional marketing ways like print ads, SMS Marketing and physical marketing, digital marketing occurs online. This opens a wide range of marketing opportunities like Social Media, Emails, video and website based marketing options.


Role of Digital Marketing in Generating Revenue:

The success of a brand can be directly related to the number of people who know about it. Marketing is all about brand awareness, demand generation and outreach. The sole purpose of marketing is allowing the buyer market to find out about your business. Digital Marketing is cheaper than TV, Paper and physical marketing and is more effective. When done right, it can lead people directly to your business with just one click. As time passes, you can change your brand image according to the ideas of the targeted audience so the revenue generation keeps its course. A customer is only a single message away online.

Using Fiverr To Find Resources For Your Business:

Fiverr is an online market place consisting of Freelancers offering their services on project basis. This means, they are not really committed to a certain employer. You can find people offering the services you need for promoting your brand online. It can be Social Media Marketing, SEO, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing Content Writing; you name it. In short, you can find all the required services in a single place which makes Fiverr a good option to find resources for your business.


Freelancers or "Sellers" offer their services in the form of Gigs. As a buyer, you can very easily search for the service you are looking for and once you have decided on a Seller's Gig, you can buy it. However, the seller will only receive the payment once they have completed the given task and you are satisfied with the results. There are other aspects involved like delivery time, project requirements, special requests etc. which you can both mutually agree on before starting the project.

Fiverr Freelancers Can Help You Scale:

Scaling your business means growing, generating profits and making it successful. However, scaling your business in the current competitive market can be difficult and expensive. That is where the Fiverr Freelancers come in. Hiring Freelancers on as-needed basis can help you save both time and money. So, how can they actually help you scale your business online? The possibilities are endless. Due to the diverse range of services present on Fiverr, you can ask for any service to promote your business; from building your business plan and rethinking your marketing strategy to digitally endorsing your business online.

Using Fiverr to Find the Right Keywords For Mobile Games:

Online presence is all about having your business show up on the first page of search engine results. The same can be said about your newly developed mobile game. Whenever you upload your mobile game to any online platform, it is very important that you associate the appropriate keywords with it. The SEO of your mobile game will revolve around the keywords you choose like ‘racing game’, ‘arcade’ etc. Using Fiverr, you can hire ASO Expert who can find the right keywords for your Mobile games and help you stand out in the increasingly crowded app stores. App Store Optimization (ASO) is very important since online app stores like Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store are getting jam-packed with hundreds of mobile apps on a daily basis.


Using Fiverr to Find ASO Services:

You may have heard the term ‘Search Engine Optimization or SEO many times. It is the process of growing your website’s traffic organically by increasing the visibility of your website on the search results page. It involves using the right keywords that have a good amount of search volume monthly. If content is king, then keywords is the throne that makes the content work. The same is true for Mobile App marketing. You have to apply the right App Store Optimization or ASO strategies to your Mobile Game Application to make it appear in the search results when user searches for a keyword. It can involve multiple steps like choosing keywords, writing descriptions, link building etc. When done right, ASO can even help you derive your game on the home page of the App store under certain categories.

Just like any other Digital Marketing Services, you can find hundreds of Freelancers offering ASO services on Fiverr. You just need to put the keyword in the search bar and Fiverr will show you the results and you can sort them by experience, ratings, price etc. Fiverr is an amazing tool to hire ASO experts as the platform offers a wide range of benefits like Competitive gigs, payment security and Pro Seller services. One of the best things about Fiverr is that your payment is not completely transferred to the Freelancer until you have reviewed and approved their work. You have the option to communicate about the project beforehand using Fiverr’s messenger services. You can share files, ask for additional services and negotiate price accordingly.

Fiverr has grown a lot since its inauguration and there are now many features and policies present that help facilitate both the Seller and Buyer on the platform. Fiverr is unique in a way that you don’t have to post job requests and wait for sellers to apply. Instead, you can just search and choose the services yourself. Which saves you time and gives you the freedom of choosing Gigs that match your project requirements.



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