Can You Use Fiverr For Game Development?

Can you use Fiverr to make video games or app? Yes you can and it makes production a lot easier. Here is our experience getting a character modeled and animated through Fiverr and we will review the sellers. We got both our models done for about $15 USD each.

In this quick Unity 3D tutorial on animations and Fiverr we are going to talk about how to set up your character that you just got from Fiverr for Unity 3D. I’m sure you just got your character in and can't wait to drag and drop into your scene. But they are a couple of steps you need to take first to get your character ready to go depending on what type of model and what program the modeler used.

First off let's talk about the characters themselves. Thanks to our artist from Fiverr we were able to do some pretty simple characters. Here we have a cat and mouse game we are working on. It's our latest project, we plan on releasing the game on steam, PS5, Windows Store, Xbox and Nintendo switch.

Character Design And Concept Art

We were in need of some character designs and animation for our up and coming game Cats Chase Mice. During these hard times we had to budget our artwork accordingly. So we looked into With Fiverr you can contract every type of service you could think of these days. We decided to use Fiverr to get some concept art done for our Steam game. We searched around looking for someone that could work with cute Chibi style animal characters. There's plenty to choose from.

We contacted a few artist and had a chat with them. It's always best practice to message the artist before putting in an order, that way you can provide them with references, this is extremely helpful to the artist.

The artists on Fiverr are highly skilled and they are plenty of types of styles to choose from. The artist we chose was very talented and fit the style we needed. We contacted and after looking at some references we hired the artist. The artist and within a few days they were able to come up with some cute concept for our characters. Here are the results.

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3D Modeling And Animations | From Blender To Unity

Next we need to get our concept art modeled and animated for Unity 3D. Once again we turned to Fiverr since we found it to be pretty reliable for our project. You have probably already seen the results on YouTube already. I did a preview of some of the animations we got. The animator we chose was Wilko. You can find their page here.

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We wanted the 3D artist to model the characters made by our concept artist. We instructed our 3D artist from Fiverr to model our characters and add some animation to them. For now we got a few animations, a run cycle, a grab and an idle, just some simple animations for now. The 3D artist was able to get it all done way before the deadline.

The models were clean and well optimized. The animations felt fluid and natural and fit our needs for our project. The 3D artist builds the characters using blender so it makes it easy for them to make changes or add more animations as needed.

How To Import Your Animations From Fiverr To Unity 3D

We started downloading the Blender Files once the models were done.

After checking them out in Blender I made sure the ambient occlusion looked good.

Next I went to file menu and went to export

Then went to Export to FBX

Once we saved the exported files we open up Unity 3D and imported the FBX models

Once in Unity we check out the models and then added the textures

Adding the Ambient occlusion gives the models a nice soft Mario style art style

I played around with the Standard materials to perfect the look I wanted

Now its time to hookup the animations. Check the video below on how I set up the animations in Unity 3D.

Setting Up The Script For Animation For Unity 3D

We used this simple script below to get our character moving

public class Cat-animation : MonoBehaviour


private Animator animator;

private void Awake()


Animator - GetComponent,<Animator>();


void Update()


if (Input.Getkey(KeyCode.W))






I had our game designer show me how he got the animations working via Skype. I recorded his process so everyone can get a idea of how to code animations in unity 3D. The video below is just a basic overview on how to get your character moving with keyboard, using Input.Getkey.

Check out the script below to see how script animations in Unity 3D was put together.


Fiverr Review Conclusion

First off lets give them a Fiverr gig score from 1 - 10

Our concept artist 10/10

Our 3D artist/animator 10/10

We thought our 3D artist did such a fantastic job that we thought we would review his 3D props he made for us. We needed some props to populate our game. They needed to look nice and cartoony to fit the style of our game. Since they already modeled the characters we thought it would be very easy for them to model our playground props. We made a list of props that we needed, then we contacted the Fiverr 3D artist beforehand to show them concept art and reference pictures for the park props. Within a few days we got them in and they looked exceptionally well.

One of the things we did to make the props stand out is that we ask our artist to render out an ambient occlusion map. This gave us that Fall Guys Toy story style look. If you are looking for an artist to help you with your project I highly recommend going with Fiverr 3D artist and animators. They have 3D artists that can do a number of different styles and looks. They can do anything from Film animation to game animations.

Fiverr has just about any service you think of for your business. It has grown tremendously over the years and it makes it really easy for any startup, home studio or business to get contract work done for really cheap.

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