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Unity 3D | Kitbash3D Cyberpunk Street Kit | HDRP

I'm sure a lot of you are already aware of the Kitbash3D kits. They have been around for a while, they started out in 2017, but recently they have catered to professional game developers and indie game devs. The Kitbash3D kits are high resolution triple A 3D environment assets that are made to be very visually pleasing for any video game or film. They got some of the most awesome digital worlds that fit all of our needs. The Kitbash3D assets are highly flexible and work with a number of pipelines.

The Kitbash3D team is consisted of highly skilled industry veterans from around the world. The team at Kitbash3D releases about 1 new kit every month. All of their models meet AAA industry standards when it comes to concept art, texturing, modeling and optimization. Over 500 films and game studios have used Kitbash3D over the years giving them a good presence in the industry.

The kit we are going to look at today is the Cyberpunk Streets Kit by Kitbash3D. This Kit comes with a number of high quality assets for Unity 3D. This kit is perfect for building street level assets for your game or film.

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The kit comes with a number of buildings and props to populate your Cyberpunk City.

Some of the props included are kiosks, store fronts, food joints, stand-alone machines, random street clutter, radiators, traffic stands, bottles, pans, pots, cans and more! This makes it really easy to create sci-fi or dystopian worlds! This is perfect for anyone who wants to create a Cyberpunk 2077 style game. The models were designed by concept artist Jian Zhi and modeled in 3D by Sebastian Bielecki.

We imported the 3d models into Unity 3D to take a look at some of the assets. We got the HDRP Kit for this project to see how it would look in Unity 2020. As you can see right off the back they look great! I would recommend baking a Ambient occlusion map in your 3D program to get nice shadows on your assets. Since we are using Unity 3D post processing we used Unity's real time ambient occlusion.

The Assets are optimized for the Unity 3D game engine, be sure to get the proper version for your project since they have a regular version and a HDRP version. Although they have the kit on the Kitbash3D website, we recommend downloading the Unity 3D version from the Unity assets store.

We wanted to make this into a 360 video for YouTube so we got the VR Panorama Pro VR tool from the Unity asset store. The 3VR Panorama Pro VR tool can be downloaded here. Rendering a 360 VR video was a simple process you can check out our tutorial here on how we achieved that, but you will need Adobe After Effects to complete this process. The VR Panorama Pro VR tool allows you to render your scene in 4K and 8K. The VR Panorama Pro VR tool also gives a much better presentation for your work to wow your audience. Also, YouTube algorithm love indexing 360 VR videos.

As you can see in the videos the kit was very easy to setup and put together. You can check out the example of us putting together this Cyberpunk environment below in the video example.

So overall this kit looks really good! When you play around with post processing and lighting you will get some amazing results! Be sure to check out our tutorials on how to setup post processing for your projects. If you are looking for another kit to compare the Kitbash3D kit to, then check out our review on the Dark City Cyberpunk assets Below


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