Lego and Unity 3d Come together | creating games with LEGOS®

Creators make the world go ‘round. Many of our world’s creation wouldn’t have been possible without

the creative minds of its creators and their willingness to go outside the box. Take LEGO® for example;

small multi-colored blocks that, when clipped together, can create wonderful works of art. What do you

get when you combine LEGO with the Unity3D engine? Double, even triple the creativity and decrease

the amount of money you’d use to actually buy LEGO.

Its called the “Unity Microgames Series", something for all gamers and/or LEGO enthusiasts to jump into

it, free of charge and no coding experience necessary, and make themselves a game while throwing back

to their childhood and the LEGOS that took hold of them.

This game is in open beta right now, but there’s plenty to do in this game. The tutorials are simple and easy to understand, allowing users to create and share their creations in an hour or less.

When in-game, you’ll select your favorite LEGO mini figure character, four in total. The game has many

different mods and themes you can buy from the Unity Asset Store, making each play through of the

game and each of your creations amazing and unique. Just like the game Minecraft and Little Big Planet, you can share your creations with all of your friends on the Unity play website and become inspired by your friends creations to get into the game and one-up your friends.

This is something that every LEGO fan should be getting their hands on and experiencing for themselves.

Bring back those fond memories of when you were a little kid, playing with LEGOS with your friends

and/or siblings for hours on end. Get into Unity Microgames Series and have a ball.