Unity 3D Tutorial | Create Stealth Mechanics With NavMesh

Welcome to our tutorial on creating Stealth game mechanics using unity 3D. We put together a video to show you how to use Unity 3D's NavMesh to create stealth game mechanics for your sneaking game. This is perfect for any game developer or game designer looking to create these mechanics using C#. Have you enjoyed stealth games and the mechanics that go into them? Games like metal gear and other

games like:

  • Dishonored

  • Invisible, Inc

  • Hitman: Blood Money

  • Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

  • Commandos 2

  • Hitman

  • Alien Isolation

The games above all use the stealth or enemy detection mechanics to make some of the most intense game play. Why are these games so popular? You can thank our instincts of wanting to sneak behind our prey while hunting. Humans as well as other animals love to play. Hide and go seek is one of mankind's favorite old school games to play.

One of the most successful stealth games that uses the sneaking mechanic is the Metal Gear Series. How many times have you gotten a rush from sneaking passed a enemy with out getting caught? Now you can make your own stealth game mechanic with our Unity 3D tutorial made by our engineer NYX.

Unity 3d Enemy Detection System Tutorial