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Unity 3D Plans To Go Public Late 2020

Unity Technologies is Stepping Out into the Public Eye. If you’ve ever had the thought of “Unity Technologies is a big company. I wonder if they'll ever go public.” Well think no more, because your thought has become real.

Unity Technologies, the company behind many of today's great games spanning across all platforms, is making its public debut this year in 2020. Source's has said that the company is planning its IPO for the first half of 2020. A spokesperson from Unity has declined to make any comment on the matter. This could mean some interesting things for game design.


Unity licenses game development software to developers, who use it to build all kinds of games for smartphones and traditional consoles. Popular games built using Unity include "Pokémon Go," "Cuphead,""Hollow Knight," “Entwined,” and “Ori and the Will of the Wisp.” The company also generates ad revenue from billions of ads placed within Unity-based mobile games. Unity claims that more than 50% of all newly released mobile games are built using their software. We are sure investors are thrilled about investing in to Unity 3D.


The company as of this year is currently worth more than $3 billion and earns about $300 million a year in revenue, says Unity CEO John Riccitiello. Unity's biggest competitor is Epic Games, the guys behind the hit "Fortnite" and the Unreal Engine video game development suite. The Unreal Engine is used to design "Fortnite" and a host of other major games, like "Kingdom Hearts 3" and "Yoshi's Crafted World." Maybe one day Epic Games will go public as well, thus continuing the competition between Unity Technologies and Epic Games. What are you thoughts? Let us know.

Written By Tech Blogger Joshua Lowe



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