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Unity Education Programs

Now teachers have the tools to teach students the design and development skills to use Unity 3D so they have the ability to create worlds and experiences in the program

Unity Technologies has announced that their Create with Code and Unity Teach is now available in the classroom.

The Create with Code course is for educators to teach computer science using Unity, whereas the Unity Teach is a platform and breeding ground for educators that want to teach their students how to properly and professionally use the Unity engine to create wonderful 3D landscapes. “When it comes to introducing students to STEAM skills, today’s teachers face an unprecedented challenge,” said Jessica Lindl, VP and Global Head of Education, Unity Technologies. “Technology is in a constant state of evolution and even today’s best artists and engineers struggle to ensure their professional knowledge remains current. Create with Code and Unity Teach directly solve for this problem by providing our educator community with the technical resources and curriculum needed to teach students development and design using Unity.”

Industries like architecture, augmented reality, construction, engineering, entertainment, gaming, virtual reality, and more are just a handful of fields that are itching to have individuals that are well versed in the world of Unity 3D. Create with Code and Unity Teach are the first comprehensive resources available to empower educators to easily incorporate computer programming and Unity development into their teaching.

So if anyone out there is looking to partake in an amazing opportunity that will give them headway to a life changing career and a wonderful life, look for more info about Create with Code and Unity Teach and don’t forget to spread the word to others.

Written by Joshua Lowe


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